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LED Drivers

LEDs have long lifespans and energy-saving properties. However, you may not be aware that these innovative light sources use specialised devices called LED drivers to operate. An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs matched to the electrical characteristics of your LED light, protecting your bulbs from voltage or current fluctuations. The Dusk Lighting range provides you with a variety of sophisticated LED drivers that create optimum light and, with a range of watts and voltages available, you’re sure to find a driver to suit your needs. Browse one of the most popular LED lighting brands on the market, LEDS C4, here at Dusk Lighting.

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LED drivers are essential lighting gadgets that regulate the amount of power required to make an LED work. A self contained power supply, LED drivers provide specialised power to LEDs; LED bulbs require a constant low voltage and need to be protected against fluctuations in current and voltage - an LED driver does just this, ultimately preventing an LED bulb from becoming too hot and performing poorly, or failing altogether. Consider the current and voltage mode required from your LED driver when choosing from our selection, and also take into consideration the size of the LED driver, making sure it fits in the area that it will be fitted to. Shop our full range of light bulbs and LED strip lighting at Dusk Lighting to find compatible lighting options.